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Apologies for the recent downtime


Apologies to all our customers for the recent downtime, we had some server issues which stopped our website from functioning and rather than cause an inconvenience to you all we took the decision to close the site down and move to a new server, as you can see we have also moved to a new website which was actually planned for April. The site has been designed for a better user experience so we hope you like it =)


All customers can log in via same usernames and passwords, however we decided to clear the order history so no previous orders will be in your accounts. however we have full access to all orders on the old website on our server so we can give you any updates you should request.


Please be aware that our email system was also down with the website so we haven't received any emails since Sunday. however, all orders was shipped and update date if you don't have your tracking number yet it will be provided soon but rest assured it has been shipped!. If you have any questions feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist.

Ross Hawkes

posted on 16/02/2016
I made an order - Order #100032647 on friday past and haven't received an email on shipment was just wondering will I receive as normal?


posted on 17/02/2016
Hi Ross, Yes we processed all orders up until Saturday morning and they was shipped on Monday, we will emailing any customers that had orders shipped on Monday with tracking numbers within the next 24/48 hours as we are waiting to gain access to the old order system. Thanks

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